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Starlight - 10'

This piece was inspired by the charity " Starlight," which brings joy to the lives of seriously and terminally ill children and young people.

The whole piece, for treble voices only, is based upon the ideas of "wish upon a star, and starlight." The music moves between the very light and etherial, (the starlight) and more jubilant chords. There is a special, and reccuring chord, which signifies hope. At the end, there is a solo for a child ..... "make  a wish." Even in the "piano only" accompaniment, I have added a glock - to enable the performance to have the "extra sparkle of starlight."

There are two versions of this piece;

-  SSAA, one (or two) child trebles, or young voices, piano and glock

-  as above, but with addition of harp, for those who want something different in their performance !

All the royalties from the performance of this piece will go to the charity "Starlight." Charity reg. Number: 296058