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duration 7’

flute  / oboe / clarinet in A / 2 horns  / strings

This piece was directly inspired by gentle autumn mist over fields by Ickenham station, as I traveled one morning on the train. Its harmony is poignant and reflective - the main climax of the piece comes at the end. Here,  there is a repeated violin solo that is both expressive yet very wistful. This could easily be played by a competent leader within an orchestra.


Listen to sample - 3 short clips (recording made during a workshop session.)
Pastorale - Trevalga
duration 19’

2 flutes / 2 oboes  / 2 clarinets / 2 bassoons  / 2 horns  / tubular bells (optional) / strings

This one movement piece was written in 2007, after a holiday in Cornwall. It depicts the tranquility of a tiny hamlet, where we would wander in the mellow late afternoon or early evening: where nothing could be heard save the sound of birds, and where we would wander to watch the sea from the cliff top......

The piece is largely based on strings and flute, and is light, calm and gentle, with long melody lines.

Pine Music
duration -7’

soprano / flute / tambourine /piano / harp / solo vln (can be played by leader) / strings

Inspiration for this piece came from the poem "Pine Music" by Fiona McCleod. The idea of hearing  music coming  on the wind, from somewhere in the distance, as a beautiful and magical sound, had long intrigued me. This poem caught these sentiments for me exactly. The use of the harp and piano together tries to "catch" these magical "tinkling"  sounds . "The faint and fairy music of the far off singing sea ..." (Fiona McCleod)

Listen to sample (recording made during a workshop session.)