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The pieces in this category have all their royalties donated to charity.

Children’s Suite - 5’    (piano)

Children’s Suite, originally written for children to either play or listen to, uses the simple images of the English seasons. Notes in the form of text are written on the music, to encourage imaginative thought behind the music. “Winter” represents icicles and snow. “Spring” is  based on bird song. In “Summer,” we  travel through  “open countryside” while “Autumn” conveys a very wistful feeling, which returns us at the coda, to “Winter.”


All the royalties from the performances of this piece go to a registered children's charity, or a part of a larger charity where there are projects that  specifically benefit children.

performed:     British Music Information Centre
Elie fruchter-Murray
Ickenham URC - Elie fruchter-Murray
St. Anne’s, Chingford - Elie fruchter-Murray
St. George’s, Hanover Square - Alistair Lilly
Vyner’s School, Ickenham - Elie fruchter-Murray
Compass Theatre, Ickenham, Middlesex -

recordings:     Elie-fruchter-Murray
Simon Callaghan - Listen to Samples:

Starlight - 10'

This piece was inspired by the charity " Starlight," which brings joy to the lives of seriously and terminally ill children and young people.

The whole piece, for treble voices only, is based upon the ideas of "wish upon a star, and starlight." The music moves between the very light and etherial, (the starlight) and more jubilant chords. There is a special, and reccuring chord, which signifies hope. At the end, there is a solo for a child ..... "make  a wish." Even in the "piano only" accompaniment, I have added a glock - to enable the performance to have the "extra sparkle of starlight."

There are two versions of this piece;

-  SSAA, one (or two) child trebles, or young voices, piano and glock

-  as above, but with addition of harp, for those who want something different in their performance !

All the royalties from the performance of this piece will go to the charity "Starlight." Charity reg. Number: 296058