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Field of Flowers - duration 9’

  (SATB / sop solo  (may be sung by sopranos) / trumpet  (introduction only) 

dedicated to “all who have lost their lives as a result of war, since time began.”



This was written as a commission, although the performance was never able to materialize. The inspiration behind the piece was  a tribute to all those who have ever lost their lives in conflict, since time began. My piano piece “In Memoriam” formed the basis for much of the harmony in the outer sections, which are wordless, as the choir becomes an instrument in itself. These sections are contrapuntal, and involve some divisi of parts. The middle section, for solo soprano, has, in contrast, a simple melody, inspired by gaelic songs.

There is a very short trumpet solo (the opening 5th of the last post)  as an introduction. This can be omitted if it really is not possible to obtain a trumpeter.