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Moonlight duration  - 5’
(solo sop and piano)

Moonlight is a setting of part of Matthew Arnold’s poem, “The Forsaken Merman.” In the accompaniment, the soft lower tones of the piano try to reflect the calm, still of the sea at night. More arpeggiated figures represent the billowing waves, while use of the upper register of the piano, with the left hand playing in the treble, suggests “glistening beaches", and the sweet airs of the sea. The soprano part is melodic, with a central rhapsodic passage representing the billowing waves.


British Music Information Centre - Nicola Elliot / Elie fruchter-Murray ( piano )

United Reformed Church, Ickenham - Nicola Elliot / Elie fruchter-Murray ( piano )

St. Anne’s, Chingford - Nicola Elliot / Elie fruchter-Murray ( piano )

Vyners School, Ickenham - Rachel Wigg / Elie fruchter-Murray ( piano )

St. George’s, Hanover Square - Rachel Wigg / Alistair Lilly ( piano )

recordings:         Nicola Elliot / Elie fruchter-Murray ( piano ) - Listen to Sample