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Ballade (duet) - 5’

Dedication:  Written for Heidi Philpot and Linda Girdlestone


This was originally written for two pupils of mine, who had been asked to play in a school concert. One was on grade seven, - the other had been only learning for about a year, although had progressed to grade three. There was, however, a difference in their standard, with not much music around that would satisfy both players. This piece was the result. As neither pupil had really experienced much duet playng, and there was only a short while for them to learn it, I did not involve too much “musical interweaving !” The bass ( the harder part) has the quaver accompaniment - the treble, the tune. There is a lot of opportunity for expressive playing however - and the secondo part also has short solos with the tune. It would be suitable for anyone who plays duets and enjoys  lush melodic  music.

Vyner’s School, Ickenham - Heidi Philpott and Linda Girdlestone