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Autumn Leaves

“ a scent as rich as fiery autumn leaves, not yet a-rush and swirling down - but quiet descent; a single leaf drifts from the trees....”


Autumn Leaves was begun in the autumn of 2006. The initial idea came when answering a pupil’s question in a lesson about variation. I played a few bars, and began to show her how you could extend and vary an idea.........the idea grew...... !

The wistful opening bars are the slow, descending leaves of autumn. As the piece progresses, it reaches a cold, thin-textured C sharp minor passage which always reminds me of frost. The warm autumn  spell that we had been experiencing suddenly turned cold  -  and I suppose my writing with it.  Later, the slow descent of isolated leaves reaches a light, but fast climactic passage, like leaves whirling in the sky -  and breaks out into a  full, melodic section. The wistful feeling of the opening returns at the end, “and single twirling leaves, take autumn to the ground.....”