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In Memoriam - 5’


In Memoriam was written immediately after the bombing of the Deal Barracks in September 1989, as a tribute to the ten (later thirteen), soldiers who lost their lives. The harmony is reflective, and throughout the piece there are constant references to the “Last Post”.


British Music Information Centre - Elie fruchter-Murray
Ickenham URC - Elie fruchter-Murray
St. Anne’s, Chingford - Elie fruchter-Murray
St. George’s, Hanover Square - Alistair Lilly
Ickenham  Music Festival- Elie fruchter-Murray
London college of Music - Elie fruchter-Murray
Compass Theatre, Ickenham, Middlesex - Simon Callaghan
recording:      Elie fruchter-Murray
Simon Callahan - Listen to Sample