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Piano Teaching

“My aim, as a music teacher, is to instill a love of music in every pupil and child I teach.”

Suzanne has over twenty years experience in teaching the piano. During her lessons she also encourages musical creativity through  improvisation / composition / and listening. She teaches “theory” through the music that the pupils are learning, which means that the pupils acquire a thorough and active approach to music theory, helping them to gain an indepth knowlege of the music that they are playing, and beyond. Suzanne also encourages pupils to compose which is evident by the number of her pupils who write music.

Younger children, as well as those with learning difficulties, are helped, through musical games, and a tailor-made approach. Necessary new teaching material is written, developed or composed for each one.

Suzanne has, over the years, developed a number of different teaching materials, including board games, magnetic note-boards, note-learning games and many other approaches, as well as the traditional.

In 2010, Suzanne was one of the winners in EPTA UK's composition competition for piano music, (teachers' section), and in 2013, won first prize in the same competition.


“Musical Extras”


From time-to-time, all pupils who wish to are encouraged to play in an end of year concert which has proved highly popular, and even the most shy have volunteered !

(previous concerts)

February 2010 concert given by pupils in local church, to raise money for the Haiti disaster fund. (£140.00)

January 2011    Christmas concert given by pupils in local church, to raise money for "Water Aid"

July 2012 Summer Jubilee concert given by pupils in local church, which raised £124.00 to share between Children in Need and Water Aid (the charities  chosen by the children themselves.)

December 2013  concert given by pupils in local church, to raise money for the        Philippines Typhoon Disaster. £200.00 was raised.

"Fun" events/groups

Small ensembles of those pupils playing other instruments also occassionaly meet, for a relaxed and fun musical occasion.

Previous "fun" events/groups

October 2009  - meeting of informal group for fun ensemble playing.

December 2010 -  Christmas ensemble rehearsal - with food afterwards !

December 2012 - Christmas ensemble (carol playing) with food after !

Future "fun" events/groups

There has been an "improvisation club" every so often, for those who wish to come, to explore all kinds of improvisation.


At the end of year, two prizes are awarded. One for achievement, and one for the amount,, consistency and quality of practice. Occasionaly more than one prize in each category is awarded.

News Letters

A news letter of the pupils’ musical achievements is issued at the end of each year. (This includes concerts, exams, very good progress and also includes  their achievements on other instruments  - any musical achievement.)

Concert trips

Concert trips to the Festival Hall are also arranged periodically.

Encouraging Composition

In 2005, Suzanne produced a book of pupils' compositions, copies of which were sold to family and friends, with proceeds going to "Save the Children." The children were delighted that their creations could make such a valuable contribution.


At present , the Trinity-Guildhall exam board is used, for those wishing to take exams. While those wishing to take exams are given every opportunity to do so, it is realized that it is not every pupil's desire to take examinations, and so each pupil is encouraged to follow the path that is best suited to their personal progress and needs.