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Lancing Beach - 5’


Lancing Beach was written after a holiday spent at Lancing, Sussex, during the hot weather of1990. It tries to capture all the feelings of the beach, mostly the beautiful emptiness; peaceful, yet slightly wistful.


The opening returns, once during the piece and once at the end, giving a feeling of mist and sad-tinged tranquillity.

performed:     British Music Information Centre - Elie fruchter-Murray
Ickenham URC - Elie fruchter-Murray
St. Anne’s, Chingford - Elie fruchter-Murray
St. George’s, Hanover Square - Alistair Lilly
Ickenham Music festival - Elie fruchter-Murray
Compass Theatre, Ickenham, Middlesex - Simon Callaghan
Elie fruchter-Murray - Listen to Sample
Simon Callahgan - Listen to Sample